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Будучи инженерами, авторы книг хорошо понимают специфику своей области, bа также текущие требования рынка турбомашин, на страницах книг они делятся своими практическими и академическими знаниями, которые будут полезны как студентам, так и профессионалам в своей области. Книги вы можете заказать у нас, связавшись с нами по e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.  


Centrifugal Compressor Design and Performance
by David Japikseb1

A state-of-the-art review covering the technology base of compressors and a practical guide for designers incorporating examples from the author’s vast experience as a major contributor to compressor design research and development. The author has been responsible for a number of significant technological advances, such as the two-zone model of impeller flow and the TEIS (two-elements-in-series) model of diffusion. Design examples from the author's experience are used extensively.

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Introduction to Turbomachinery
by David Japikse and Nicholas C. Bainesb2

Comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles and industrial design of turbomachinery based on many years of teaching and research within universities and consulting for diverse applications in industry. The text focuses on basic physical understanding, but acknowledges advances in modern computing methods and experimental techniques in the turbomachinery industry.

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Diffuser Design Technology
by David Japikse and Nicholas C. Baines

The most comprehensive review of diffuser technology ever published, summarizing the resultsb3 of over 1,500 original research papers in a single reference volume with critical commentary by the authors. This provides an overview which will help to focus attention on the essential characteristics of diffusers and their applications, and a broad perspective by which new researchers and engineers can obtain an effective orientation to the basic characteristics of diffuser fluid dynamic problems. Originally published for a limited readership in 1984, this has now been completely revised and updated with the latest findings and understanding of the subject.

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Advanced Experimental Techniques in Turbomachinery
David Japikse, Editor

Contents include (among other topics) pressure and velocity measurements, thermocoupleb4 theory and practice, standards for turbomachinery laboratory work, solving 100 turbomachinery fluid-dynamic test problems, blade pressure measurements, and more. The task of remaining current in a technical discipline is almost a full-time occupation, in addition to the daily responsibility of contributing to progress in a technical field. The material in this volume has been selected from principal lectures provided by key contributors to the turbomachinery field. Each chapter in this book has been prepared in close collaboration with the original author. Extensive editing has been carried out to ensure a readable and accurate text.

The intent of this text is to make available the key material collected by recognized lecturers for general usage in industry. Since the authors of the various chapters are key experts in their field, these chapters should serve as appropriate starting points for thought by many readers.

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Axial and Radial Turbines
by Hany Moustapha, Mark F. Zelesky, Nicholas C. Baines, and David Japikse

Beginning with the fundamental principles of turbine design, other topics include theb5 latest developments and understanding in aerodynamic and structural analysis, life prediction, durability, blade cooling, and exhaust diffuser design. The book is suitable for engineers at all levels working in turbine design, as well as managers, users, and sales personnel who need to understand the current level and future directions of technology. It is also aimed at university researchers and graduate students working in this field for whom it represents a comprehensive review of the state of the art.

For many years, Concepts NREC has offered a course on axial and radial turbine design for practicing engineers and students of turbomachinery presented by the authors of this volume. The present book has been developed from that. It is, however, very much more than a simple reprinting of the course notes. Great effort has been made to produce a book that presents a complete, coherent, and up-to-date account of the design and analysis of axial and radial turbines.

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Fundamentals of Turbocharging
by Nicholas C. Baines

The first comprehensive treatment of turbochargers and turbocharging to be made widely b6available in the last twenty years. It is intended to serve as both an introduction to the technology and as a guide to addressing the problems of matching a turbocharger with an internal combustion engine. The turbocharger is a highly sophisticated device, which has been described as aerospace gas-turbine engineering allied to mass production techniques. Undoubtedly the key to commercial success lies in achieving the correct compromise between performance, life, and cost, and this runs as a continuous thread through the book. The operation of turbomachines is fundamentally different from that of reciprocating machines, so that the turbocharged engine has many complex characteristics, not all of them desirable. Fully explained are the means by which the advantageous characteristics are exploited, as well as the technology required to overcome the disadvantageous. The latter includes modern developments such as variable geometry, turbocompounding, and electric assist.

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Introduction to Dynamics of Rotor-Bearing Systems
Various authors

A step-by-step approach to understanding the fundamentals of rotor-bearing dynamics. Thisb7 book emphasizes basic principles, phenomena, modeling, theory, and interpreting results, with examples at various levels for practicing engineers and students. Numerous examples, from a single-degree-of-freedom system to complicated industrial rotating machinery, are employed throughout this book to illustrate these fundamental dynamic behaviors. The concepts in the text are reinforced by parametric studies and illustrative examples and figures.

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Hydrodynamics of Pumps
by Christopher E. Brennenb8

This coherent and unified treatment of pump hydrodynamics focuses on underlying physical phenomena and design issues, including the potential for cavitation, damage and vibration resulting from cavitation, and the possibility of large unsteady flows. An important reference text for engineers and scientists, it is also appropriate for graduate courses in turbomachinery.

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Centrifugal Pump Design and Performance
by David Japikse, William D. Marscher, and Raymond B. Furstb9

An up-to-date and comprehensive review of centrifugal pump design is presented by practicing engineers with a wealth of experience in pump hydraulic and mechanical design, pump manufacturing, installation, and troubleshooting. The book outlines significant contributions made to the pump technology industry worldwide and is a must for every pump engineer.

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Design of Highly Loaded Axial-Flow Fans and Compressors
by Arthur J. Wennerstrom

This monograph summarizes important lessons learned by the author during a career devotedb10 to advanced research and development and includes guidance for the detailed design of axial compressors, supported by references for a more comprehensive treatment. Although all of this work was originally aimed at military aircraft engine applications, much of it is relevant to commercial aircraft engines and also to industrial and even consumer-oriented turbomachinery. Practical and convenient design approaches are recommended wherever possible. The author believes that the simplest approach which can be logically defended is usually the best approach unless a designer has a very good reason for escalating the level of complexity in any area.

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Compressor Surge and Stall
by Ronald C. Pampreenb11

A thorough survey and analysis of investigations into instabilities in axial and centrifugal compressors provides an up-to-date understanding of stall-free, surge-free operation for users, and is a resource for engineers and scientists working in compressor design. This book is suggested for compressor designers and users who appreciate the need for understandable surge lines for a wide range of stall-free, surge-free operation, as well as those who wish to gain an up-to-date understanding of the field.

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